Friday 21st November 2003
Redesign on the cards
New for next year the Cryofuse web site will be having a makeover. Over the coming months we'll be working on a few designs for a new look to make your online experience that much better. If you'd like to put forward your ideas on how we can improve our site e-mail us with your suggestions.
Sunday 17th November 2002
Game on!
Reckon you're a good driver? Test your skills with the new addition to our web site, the Games section. Textbox Racer will give you all the thrills and excitement of racing if you have a very vivid imagination, and if that wasn't enough, expect Textbox Tennis and Textbox Archer soon.

Add a bit of style to your desktop with your very own Cryofuse wallpaper so you'll always remember where to go for your development and design needs.

Finally, you may have noticed that we've tweaked the interface to improve your browsing pleasure. Let us know if you approve by leaving your comments.
Tuesday 27th August 2002
August update
You wanted more so we're giving you more. New to the site are the tools sections, currently available in the newly opened CSS section, and fun stuff with smileys and chat abbreviations.

Have your opinion heard by voting in our revamped survey or by leaving your comments. Our resources section has also had a major overhaul with a new design and plenty of new resources to help you build your web site.

Vibrant Media has joined us by providing the latest Internet news straight to our home page. We've also teamed up with a number of sponsors to bring you great deals on selected products and services.
Thursday 10th January 2002
2002 has arrived
As we move into a new year we will be moving into a higher gear and pushing more content for you. Last year started slowley but things are on the move behind the scenes. Keep watching.
Saturday 24th November 2001
Christmas is coming
Get those chestnuts roasting, christmas is round the corner and why not start wapping up your own WAP site. Got a web server but don't know how to deliver WAP sites? Our new tutorial will guide you through and get you up and running in no time.
Sunday 4th November 2001
Guy Fawkes
Remember, remember the fifth of November, because we've updated our site and its nearing December. Guy Fawkes night is upon us and we've been burning the midnight oil to add a little sparkle to

After hearing that I guess you're expecting something special, well if you're an ASP developer you'll be happy to hear we have made a start on the ASP development area and theres also a review of The Designers Republic's web site.

A thank you goes out to those who responded to our newsgroup posts and those who have visited our site, and remember, spread the word.
Wednesday 17th October 2001
Web Site Update
The initial launch of this site presented the skeleton structure and what was needed was some flesh. Well, a number of additions have been made including the javascript library, an article on the use of colour, images in the gallery, forum, flash intro, site statistics, comments area and a survey.

Let us know your views on the new sections and what you'd like to see in the future.
Wednesday 10th October 2001
Red Cross Afghan Crisis Appeal
Following the events of 11th September 2001 the Red Cross have launched an appeal for aid to the families of the victims of these attacks and the thousands who have been caught in this war. Food, shelter, and medical assistance are urgently needed for the Afghan refugees and neighbouring countries.

The Red Cross have been providing aid to these countries before the attacks, but the situation is getting worse and adding to the loss of innocent lives. Your help can reduce the suffering.

Visit the Red Cross web site and make an online donation.
Sunday 7th October 2001 is Launched
An official launch date of had been set to the 7th October 2001. And as you can see it is up and running, though needing some content and fixing of a few bugs. This is where you can help to build this site.

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