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CONTRIBUTOR: Shahjahan Alhassan - 4th Nov 2001

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Stylish, intriguing, confusing yet appealing. These are just a few words that spring to mind when browsing The Designers Republic's web site. Being a flashed based affair allows them to express their creativity on the web beyond what HTML and other development languages can produce. So if you're the sensitive sort who abides by strict interface design techniques and user friendliness then turn away now. If you're still with us then you won't be dissapointed.

The Designers Republic are probably mostly know for their work on the game 'Wipeout', one of the first games released for the Sony Playstaion. Creating the packaging, logos, web site and some of the ingame graphics, but their work does not end there. They have also been involved in production of promotional material and TV advertising for other clients.

Promotion is what this site is all about. Available to view are images of their work and links to the web sites they have created, so there's definately something to see here. Being a little thin on content besides their previous client work the site includes a forum for visitors to discuss anything, not specifically just about The Designers Republic or related topics.

What was confusing was the navigation, upon initial impressions it wasn't apparent which images and text were links and which were not. With a little investigation it becomes clear enough. This won't please all and some are likely to be annoyed and exit the site before seeing some of the good stuff.

Five star rating? You betchya! This has been awarded not necessarily for how the site has been developed, but the way they've promoted their work by applying their unique style to the web.