So what do we think of the rest of the web? The following links are what we think are the worthy of a visit. Some not necessarily because they are related to development and design, but because they push the limitations of the web and creativity, or are novel in their ideas and content.

Web Site Rating Last Viewed
Visit 15th Sept 2002 provides a forum for the 'electronic art' (demo) scene to communicate and share their work online. Demos, meaning small programs created specifically to show creative and technical ability, have been floating around for years. Here you can find plenty of them ranging from graphics to music, though there are some dire efforts mixed with the gems.
Visit the 5k 14th Sept 2002
Those familiar with the demo scene should find this site similar to the competitions held by the Assembly organisation. The 5k organisation hold a competition each year for the best entries of literally anything created for the web, the only limitation being that all entries must not exceed 5k in size. There are some pretty amazing examples of coding and creativity that are well worth a look.
Visit 14th Sept 2002
An interesting site, which apart from promoting the services of the author, has an interesting collection of sites designed with minimalism in mind. A good list of personal and commercial sites are listed and act as a great inspiration for anyone thinking of creating a minimalist site. Within the Minimalist Web Project you can find one of cryofuse's commercially produced web sites, KL pharmacy.
Visit TypingWeb 22nd Oct 2001
Still using your first finger to type? Well there's no exscuse now. TypingWeb is an online touch typing tutor, allowing you to practice your typing twenty four seven. What makes this stand out is that it is a great idea and has been executed well. Lessons from beginner to advanced will suit everyone and your progress is saved so you can see how you're improving. This service is currently free, and once you've signed up try not to spend too much time on the 'Letter Bomber' game!
Visit 8th Oct 2001
A great site for designers, covering desktop wallpapers, icons, themes, skins and more. If you can customise it, its probably here.
Cryofuse Web Sites Rating Last Viewed
Visit gui.dESign 24th Sept 2001
A companion web site for an academic project based on diverse graphical user interfaces. Due to project deadlines this site is no longer being developed any further, but the article 'Colour in Perspective' is worth a look.
Visit The Shah... Web Temple 24th Sept 2001
The first attempt by us at producing a web site based to deliver a web development resource. Viewable but no longer updated.